The Secret of the £5 Etrog

A new Sukkot story for all the family
September 2010

Every year, thousands of etrogs - citron fruits - are shipped from Israel to Jewish communities all over the world for the festival of Sukkot.  According to the Torah, these fruits should be used as part of the celebration of the harvest.  Etrogs are usually closely inspected before they are bought.  But what are the people who study them in such detail actually looking for?

The Secret of the £5 Etrog tells the story of how a young boy asked that question - and came up with an answer that will change the way you think about how - and by whom - religious festivals are meant to be celebrated!

    Published by AuthorHouse, September 2010 28pp, ISBN 978-1-4520-6385-0, Paperback
COST £5.00
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