The Question of the Hidden Matzah

The Passover Seder is a special occasion in the life of a Jewish family. It's a ritual meal that includes many synbols, designed to arouse the interest of children and encourage them to ask questions. But what happens if you can't actually see those symbols? 'The Question of the Hidden Matzah' tells the story of how a young blind girl deals with her frustrations at not being able to participate fully in this celebratory meal, and how she finds a mysterious piece of matzah that has a unique way of explaining the significance of the Passover Seder to her and her family. The family Seder will never be the same again - and after reading this book, perhaps your family Seder will also find a new dimension!
Published in March 2012.  available from www' or and all online bookisellers.  £3.95 plus p&p (varies)