Rabbi Pete’s broadcasting ‘career’ began next door to his beloved Watford Football Club’s home ground, on Watford General Hospital Radio.

While at UAHC Camp Eisner in Massachusetts in the summer of 1988, Pete presented the morning wake-up show which was broadcast to the campers within a radius of just a few hundred metres. He did some radio work on BBC Radio WM (West Midlands) while in Birmingham between 1990 and 1993 but it was in Scotland, on BBC Radio Scotland that his love of broadcasting blossomed. As well as frequently presenting ‘Thought for the Day’ on ‘Good Morning Scotland’, Pete also featured in several longer broadcasts about various aspects of his life and the place of Judaism in it.

When he moved south in 2003, Pete was fortunate enough to make contact with the producer of ‘Pause for Thought’ on BBC Radio 2’s ‘Wake up to Wogan.’ He appeared regularly on that show and now appears on the Chris Evans show, and also with Aled Jones on ‘Good Morning Sunday’. He still keeps up his contacts with BBC Radio Scotland and often broadcasts from the local studios to listeners up north.

Scroll down to read some of Pete’s ‘Pause for Thought’ scripts from over the years:

BBC Radio Scotland: Thought for the Day:
October 12th 2001: In the wake of 9/11 – a defence of God and religion
February 20th 2002: Reflections on my son’s bar-mitzvah ceremony
March 13th 2002: A criticism of Ariel Sharon’s policies (this one got me into lots of trouble and also a mention in the annals of the Scottish Parliament (motion no S1M-2902):

BBC Radio 2: Pause for Thought:
August 2nd 2005: Mixed faith blessings
Feb 5th 2008 : Super Tuesday
May 14th 2008:  Beer and Swords in exams
June 18th 2008 : Football, Life & Statistics
December 30th 2008: Still small voice 2008 - Elijah's message in the latest Gaza war
January 26 2010: A Future and  Hope
April 15 2015: Yom ha-Sho'ah