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in search of a new Liberal Jewish theology.
Published in 2020

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'WHY AM I HERE? (with the emphasis on here)' is now available! Contact rabbi@rabbipete.co.uk to order your copy: £4.99 + £2.00 p&p. Watch out for a visit to your local Liberal synagogue for a talk and book-signing:

A rabbi? What sort of job is that for a Jewish boy? Especially one who rejected all the instructions and obligations that are part of Jewish tradition when they were presented to him as a child.

‘Why Am I Here? (with the emphasis on here)’ tells the story of how Pete Tobias wrestled with the contradictions of a three thousand year-old religious faith in a world that seemed to have lost its way.  A liberal approach to his faith turned him into ‘Rabbi Pete’ and gave him the opportunity to broadcast the message of tolerance and compassion that he believes underpins any genuine religious view. It provides an attitude towards the world and our place in it that can offer hope and insight to those bewildered by some of the claims and demands of traditional religions, believers and unbelievers alike.


‘This book tells the story of how Rabbi Pete eventually found in his religious heritage answers to so many vital questions that had initially challenged him and turned him away from faith. His experiences offer thought provoking answers - and yet more questions - that are relevant to so many searching for meaning in the 21st century.'

Aled Jones, Presenter, BBC Radio 2 ‘Good Morning Sunday’

Available from rabbi@rabbipete.co.uk - cost £4.99 + £2.00 p&p.  Also on www.amazon.co.uk and other online bookstores. e-mail to order your copy now!
You can find details of other recent writing projects by clicking here.  The major achievement of my recent sabbatical was the completion of Liberal Judaism’s new Haggadah, which I co-edited with Rabbi Dr Andrew Goldstein, and which Tammy Kustow designed.  The details of Haggadah b’Chol Dor va-Dor can be found here.


Take a look at this as well – an interesting glimpse into some aspects of the rabbi’s life!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXNb5FR2YS0


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Rabbi Pete Tobias